Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea
‘At half past three, everything stops for tea’

Enjoy Full Afternoon Tea with the finest teas from our friends at Jing Tea, at one of Buckinghamshire's favourite Afternoon Tea spots.

We travel thousands of miles every year to find our teas in the world’s finest terroir. We are obsessed with every detail of tea-making so you don’t have to be. To us,  tea is all about the skilled tea-makers we work with and the places and traditions which inspire us.

Traditional Afternoon Tea is perfect to take with casual walks on our extensive grounds, or to enjoy on blustery winter afternoons

Opening Times:

Served daily between 2.30pm and 5pm

Check out the sample Afternoon Tea menu below from Stoke Place.


Afternoon Tea

Stoke Place Champagne Tea – Thirty Pounds and Fifty Pence
A Selection of Homemade Scones, Cornish Clotted Cream,
Strawberry Jam, Seasonal Cakes, Homemade Biscuits and
Finger Sandwiches with a specialty JING Tea of your Choice.
Accompanied with a Glass of De Castellane NV Champagne.

Traditional Afternoon Tea – Twenty-four Pounds and Fifty Pence
Homemade Biscuits and Dainty Cakes, 
A Selection of Finger Sandwiches, Homemade Scones, 
Cornish Clotted Cream, Strawberry Jam, and your choice of specialty JING Tea

Cream Tea- Ten Pounds and Fifty Pence
A Selection of Homemade Scones, Cornish Clotted Cream,
Strawberry Jam with a speciality JING Tea of your Choice


JING offers definitive examples of Asia’s greatest teas, some, seldom seen outside their country of origin. Each tea is skilfully hand processed then vacuum-packed at source for unmatched freshness. 

Assam Breakfast
Statuesque and broad with plenty of structure and malty richness.

Earl Grey
Refreshing and bright, with citrus freshness lifting the rich Ceylon tea base.

Darjeeling Second Flush
Light, crisp and refreshing with a graceful citrus lift
that leaves a fresh and faint minty aftertaste.

Organic Bohea Lapsang
Lively yet soft textured and full with great aromatics;
very gentle woodland smoke meets dark spice. 
Plenty of rich and creamy body.The authentic Lapsang tea.

Organic and Fair Trade Jade Sword Green Tea
Clean, rounded, full and grassy with faint seaweed complexities.
Brisk and refreshing with a textured finish.

Hand Rolled Jasmine Pearl
Hand rolled and scented with fresh jasmine flowers. Rich,round and 
deeply jasmine infused with a beautifully thick,velvety texture.

Flowering Osmanthus Tea
Sweet and soothing flowering green tea hand-tied around
sweet-tasting osmanthus blossoms and orange lily petals.
A hypnotic display of colour, with a heavenly sweet taste.

Whole Chamomile Flowers
Mellow floral depths with gentle and cleansing bitter complexities in the finish.

Iron Buddha Oolong Tea
An intensely floral oolong tea, hand rolled and fired to create a characteristic 
Iron Buddha or ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’oolong flavour.

White Peony White Tea
A delicious introduction to Chinese white teas. Composed of two-leaf and bud sets, 
White Peony is renowned for itsrefreshing flavour and sweetness.

Peppermint Leaf
Insistent and deep minty flavours with an almost oilymid-palate, 
subsiding cleanly towards an intensely perfumed finish.

Blackcurrant and Hibiscus
A sweet spectrum of berry fruits that is brightly supported by a tart finish.

Rooibos is a superlative grade of Rooibos. It originates in South Africa and is a very healthy after 
dinner drink

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