Apricot Yoghurt Ice Cream

The Sun is OUT! What better way to enjoy this weather than cooling down with a delicious yoghurt ice cream, Stoke Place style. Follow Head Chef Craig's recipe for Apricot Yoghurt Ice Cream for summer happiness…


500 ml milk
200 ml double cream
200ml Apricot Puree
100ml Natural Yoghurt
20g Yoghurt powder
2 gglucose
125g sugar
6 yolks


Add the milk and cream together and then bring up to the boil. Once boiling, take off the stove and add the yoghurt, yoghurt powder, apricot puree and glucose to the warm cream and milk. Whisk or blend the ingredients together.

Cream up the egg yolks with the sugar till pale and fluffy.

Add the warm mix to the egg yolk and sugar. Mix well.

Place that back onto the stove and bring it back up to 84 °C.

Strain the mixture through a fine sieve and let it chill in the fridge. Once cooled place in your ice cream churner and churn till frozen.

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