Craig's Summer Cooker Demonstration and Lunch


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Friday 19th July - Craig's Summer Cookery Demonstration and

Summer Cookery Demonstration

Craig's Seasonal Cookery Demonstrations at Stoke Place Hotel
- an enlightening and amusing 2 hour demonstration followed by a wonderful 3
course lunch....






Main Course






The day begins at 10am with coffee and biscuits after which
Craig demonstrates this specially chosen seasonal menu and then prepares lunch
for all guests, which is served with a complimentary glass of wine at 12.30pm.

Craig provides a continuous stream of time-saving hints and
tips on menu preparation, cooking and final presentation during the
demonstration. Guests leave with a copy of the demonstration menu recipes for
the featured dishes.

Morning Coffee and Biscuits, Cooking Demo and 3 Course Lunch
inc. Glass of Wine £29.50 per person


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